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Production of honey

Until 2010, our work was more than 90% orientated on the breeding. Since the arrival of Fabienne, my wife, and Xavier, my son, our honey production (construction of the honey house) as well as our production of royal jelly or “propolis” became most important.

Our apiaries are essentially sedentary. They are located on a perimeter of 10 km around Giroussens. We essentially find them near the forests or the banks of the Tarn, the Dadou or the Agout.

The environment surrounding us is diversified. Over seasons, the bees will find hazel trees, willows, plum trees, wild cherries, rapeseed, fruit trees, chequers trees, acacias, blackberry bushes, sunflowers, as well as Metcalfa (insect).

We basically produce all-flower honey which is rich in colours and flavours. The 2 main ones are:

  • all-flower honey of spring,
  • all-flower honey of summer.
    We also move around a few hives situated in the French Pyrénées and in the “Black mountain”, in order to produce honey from only one flower, such as:
  • acacia honey,
  • sweet chestnut honey,
  • forest honey (honey from honeydew produced on the Tarn and Dadou banks).

Honey sale in bulk:

We commercialise a part of our all-flower honey crop in barrels of 300 kg.

Honey production:

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